Black Gay Dads Post Adorable Photo of Daughters, Get Bashed with Hate

When a straight dad gets blasted by the Internet for being an attentive father, what chance do two loving gay dads have? » 1/17/14 4:07pm 1/17/14 4:07pm

Texting Driver Learns Too Late Why That's a Terrible, Terrible Idea

Texting and driving is a really bad idea. But some people need to learn that lesson firsthand in order to fully comprehend it. » 1/17/14 12:01pm 1/17/14 12:01pm

Woman with 'World's Most Instagrammed Ass' Gives Rare Video Interview

Her full, firm fanny has made her an Instagram sensation, with nearly two million followers to her name. » 1/17/14 11:06am 1/17/14 11:06am

Conan Meets His Interns, Gets All Weird In the Nicest Way Possible

In his latest insta-classic remote segment, Conan O'Brien comes down off his late night throne to mingle with his lowly interns — and things get weird in a hurry. » 1/17/14 10:11am 1/17/14 10:11am

Russell Brand Calls for a 'Fucking Bukkake' of Change

Russell Brand's revolution may be taking a bit longer to get off the ground than the maverick comedian would like, but that doesn't mean he intends to stop stating his case at every available venue. » 1/16/14 5:19pm 1/16/14 5:19pm

Internet Celebrity Accused of Raping Internet Celebrity Girlfriend

A popular Internet personality is being accused of sexually assaulting his now-ex-girlfriend — another popular Internet personality — while she slept off a concussion. » 1/16/14 4:12pm 1/16/14 4:12pm

Jonah Hill Tells the Most Tragic Airplane Romance Story of All Time

Sorry, that's "two-time Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill tells the most tragic airplane romance story of all time." » 1/16/14 2:11pm 1/16/14 2:11pm

King Joffery Actor Jack Gleeson Blasts Celebrity Worship in Epic Rant

Jack Gleeson is not a king — he just plays one on TV. In reality, the 21-year-old Irish actor best known for his role as King Joffrey Baratheon on HBO's Game of Thrones despises worship, particularly of the celebrity variety. » 1/16/14 10:22am 1/16/14 10:22am

Great Great Grandma Celebrates Turning 100 By Hiring a Stripper

Doris Deahardie just turned 100, but that doesn't mean she's done living it up. In fact, to celebrate her centennial, the great great grandma did something new: She hired a stripper to give her a lap dance. » 1/15/14 2:09pm 1/15/14 2:09pm

Courageous Compassionate Dude Saves Blinded Skunk from Certain Doom

Jeremi Lorenti and his buddy were driving down the street when they suddenly came upon a skunk wandering in circles with a cup stuck on its head. Sure, they could have driven on, but compassion compelled them to stop and save the poor creature from becoming just another roadkill statistic. » 1/15/14 11:29am 1/15/14 11:29am

Photos Capture Exact Moment Woman Was Struck Dead by Lightning

A photojournalist was at the right place at the right time to capture the worst possible outcome for a woman standing on the beach during a thunderstorm. » 1/15/14 9:57am 1/15/14 9:57am

Anderson Cooper Calls Out CNN Reporter for Being High During Pot Report

After CNN aired the latest segment of its ongoing "Gone to Pot" series on marijuana legalization in Colorado, many were quick to note that anchor and correspondent Randi Kaye looked more like an active partaker than merely a passive witness to history (skip to 4:30 if you're short on time). » 1/15/14 9:12am 1/15/14 9:12am

Conan O'Brien Responds to Claim That He Fathered an Illegitimate Son

Late night talk show host Conan O'Brien took to Twitter this afternoon to officially address a claim that he fathered an illegitimate son with a 30 Rock employee some 20 years ago. » 1/14/14 5:36pm 1/14/14 5:36pm

Selfless Doctor Walks the Streets Every Night to Help the Homeless

It's been two decades since Dr. Jim Withers first coined the term "street medicine," and he is still out there practicing what he preaches. » 1/14/14 4:15pm 1/14/14 4:15pm

Watch Politicians Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Despite occasional lapses in honesty, "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" continues to be one of Jimmy Kimmel's most successful segments. But one thing has always been missing from the popular bit: Politicians. » 1/14/14 1:19pm 1/14/14 1:19pm

Teacher 'Slices Up' Student for Gruesome Science Class Experiment

Some science teachers are content with showing their class how to power lightbulbs with lemons. Other science teachers are a bit more hardcore. » 1/14/14 12:49pm 1/14/14 12:49pm

World Famous Chef Mulls Ban on Kids After Baby Cries in His Restaurant

Acclaimed molecular gastronomy chef Grant Achatz caused a stir over the weekend when he took to his Twitter account to ask his followers if a ban on babies was in order at his three-Michelin-starred Chicago eatery Alinea. » 1/14/14 11:22am 1/14/14 11:22am